Doug Chiapuzio, JD  After over 25 years of practice, Doug Chiapuzio continues to enjoy his career as an attorney or as he likes to call it – problem solver. In his old sailing days, Doug understood that one must constantly adjust to the changing winds, tides and conditions to navigate successfully to your destination. Likewise, one needs to anticipate changes to address not only today’s issues, but also issues that are likely to arise in our ever evolving world. The same is true whether Doug is assisting clients on estate planning matters, probate or trust administration, business transactions, or income tax issues.

After graduating from Willamette Law School, Doug began his career in the tax department of what is currently Deloitte, where he became a CPA.  His experience and training at Deloitte was a great building block for the estate planning and income tax issues he addresses today.

Benjamin Franklin once said there are only two things certain in life… death and taxes. Doug has added a third item to the list… tax laws will change. Over the years, Doug has witnessed many changes to the tax laws and works with clients to take advantage or avoid the pitfalls of these changes in their business or estate planning.